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John Dodd


Lets try another roll call. We got 173 members, so we should get a lot more than the 12 we got last spring.  Just comment to this post to say you are here and your unit or anything else..

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  • John Dodd John Dodd

    John Dodd, 585th/359th TC still hanging around. Made my reservations for Columbus gathering. See you there.

  • coldsweat7172

    Dutchman here. 597th Phu Tai. Coldsweat driver/gunner 71/72

  • Mad815 Mad815

    Almost + 40°F here in upstate NY —Thawed out enough to be all present and accounted for. Web

  • Gary Gary

    I’m still kicking…541st 1970 and 444th 1971

  • DoD M37 DoD M37

    Hangin’ in there. Daughter of Darkness is getting out to primarily kids and veterans in Central Pennsylvania. If the damn snow doesn’t melt, may need 4-wheel drive this season! Visited Dave Willett in Florida today and he asked me to pass along his regards to all you guys who know him. Hopes he can make another Gathering one of these days.

  • Charles Charles

    666 TC Camp eagle – North woods Wisconsin

  • roadrunners1st.platoon

    Dan Jordan
    Still trucking.
    666TC 67′ 68′.

  • Driver523rd

    Still around John—-Keep up the great work Pal——-

  • larry.lofts

    Right hear John. 70-72 64th, 88th, 444th 2nd, 389th, 52oth. Highland Raiders. Satan’s Chariot. Frustration II. and Road “0″. Good job John Dodd!


    Snoopy 0 is alive and well in Fort Worth, Texas. Looking forward to the Gathering in August. Need to see my Bros again.

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    We doing good. only got about 150 to go.

  • Fredo fredo

    Well thinga are good here in the winter wonderland other than the snow and temps it was -5 this morning we just got another 5 inches of snow yesterday….but spring is only a few weeks away so that means another reunion is coming up shazammmmmmmmmmm can’t wait and oh ya thanks to >Mr. Majestic< other wise known as John Dodd for helping me with my log on problems…have a great day everyone


    Greetings all! I apologize for not being more active in the community. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to devote to socializing. My name is Dietrich and I am an Iraq War veteran twice over (2003-2004 and 2008) with a brief six month stint at the American embassy in Amman, Jordan (2005). I became a veteran while assigned to the 304th Civil Affairs Bn, USACAPOC (United States Army Civil Affairs Psychological Operations Command). We weren’t trans nor supply, but we ALWAYS ran convoys into the cities, villages, and desert. After the invasion we experienced a rise with the insurgency that forced us to armor our soft shell Humvee’s with scrap metal we scavenged. We used to refer to this as “Mad Max” or “Ghetto Armor” (no offense to those who reside or are from a ghetto). I’m here because I want to buid my own gun truck and would like to seek the advice from the experts and enthusiast community. I’m currently trolling the local craigslist posts for a deuce or a half’s and 5T troop carrier to convert. Well, that was a long-winded “hello”, but I figured I’d intoduce myself while checking in. I look forward to participating and learning the forum. Cheers!

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Welcome Dietrich. You can go to our links above and find Steel Soldiers. There are people on the site who have built trucks. the Camo Crew in Ga.,Edd and the jersey Crew, Dan Rhame who bought one and remodeled it,Randy Recht/Web Madison from the Wildthing, Sammy Seay who built the ACE of Spades, Logan Werth, and many more that I missed.I expect they will all tell you they get 5 or 6 MPG and kinda expensive to build.Not sure where you live, but there will be several guntrucks at our Reunion in Columbus and the Untouchable will be in Branson, Mo. The Wildthing will be putting on an event, Angola, In, 4 July and in Kokomo, In the 3rd weekend in Sept.


      Thank you, John. I currently reside in Upstate New York in the vicinity of West Point. Gun trucks were part of our daily lives when we were in Iraq and are near and dear to my heart. When I became nostalgic and decided to research them, I was amazed how similar our experiences were to yours (Vietnam Veterans). I would also like to share a few pictures of the early armored vehicles we created as soon as I can locate and organize all of them. It’s only been ten years. (Haha)

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Deb has a Iraq Ace Of Spades guntruck album posted.

  • Gundoger

    Gundoger is still getting buy in the high desert of the southwest.
    Don’t know where to post this but I was looking at ebay and found a Zippo lighter that belonged to someone on “The Red Baron” from 70-71. The ebay posting is…
    hope someone from the crew get’s it.

  • Joe Amann

    Still vertical and looking forward some seat time on the motorcycle after the lousy winter this year. Good to see the responses. Good work on keeping the site up John.

  • Bob 359th Bob 359th

    Still here and traveling

  • 50gunner

    I,am here, hanging in there, ahhhhhh! spring is here in mountains of n.c Peace,, 363rd trans [Colonel gt]

  • John Traylor John Traylor

    Colgunr is here! John Traylor

  • John Traylor John Traylor

    363rd Trans (Colonel and Mercenary GT’s)

  • minigunner64th

    Still here. 64th TC 69-70

  • Frenchie Frenchie

    Frenchie here Front & Center, been a rough year and many things happening, but figured I should Dew Drop In and say Hey

    My Brother Passed Away Last Night at 11:55PM, he has had it pretty rough and was getting weaker, He is at Peace Now, Just figured I would let you all know what has gone on, not to include my Wifes Mom & Dads home had burned flat, no insurance so we took them in and they are ok now, I myself haven’t felt good at all, so I haven’t been on here much, but I am still here, take CARE Everyone and Stay Well, later Frenchie

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Lets keep the roll call going for those who haven’t checked in.


    James Lyles (Vietnam 66-67-68-71 & 72)

    I’m still here and still collecting gun truck related pictures and information as always. Hope to see everyone at the gathering in Columbus, GA.


  • robbie 52

    Still alive @ kickin here in the bluegrass state. Robbie, 57 trans Justifier, 523 trans Ace of Spades.

  • joe10t24 joe10t24

    Im here see you all 1st time at Columbus, 57th Trans bn

  • Great time at pigeon forge reunion , over 130 came together. Murph 566th gun truck

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