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John Dodd


How is the weather in your neighborhood? Southside Virginia has 8 inches and more snow for about 2  more hours. Stay warm.

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  • Frenchie Frenchie

    8 Above Zero here in Maine, today. Last week lost power for almost 4 days. Good thing I have a wood stove when we get days like this. Plus I have a generator, helped my neighbor run his two furnaces, has a huge home. No Problemo, always gotta have a backup plan, the storm took power out because of trees falling and branches, 2 ice storms is a sunofagun for sure., nothing we can’t handle up here, you get used to it. This storm you guys are getting is supposed to miss us, I never believe the weatherman, 9 times out of 10 they don’t have a clue, they lie.

    When the weatherman says no snow, expect a foot, haaaaaaa.

  • Frenchie Frenchie

    These weatherman have the only job where they can screw up real bad and not get fired, I think they all need to be fired.

  • coldsweat7172

    Got my shorts on today. Rain next week though. Stay bundled up fellas. Dutchman

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Plus 2 this morning, 8 inches snow on the ground. Lying weatherman said it would warm up. Staying in my cave another day. The cat is staying in the garage, refuses to use liter box but goes out the hole to use bathroom. Crazy cat.

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Weatherman lied this time. Snow flurry’s and Up to 44 today.

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