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John Dodd

Vung Ro Mountain near Tuy Hoa

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  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Our latest member, Nick, served with the 362nd on Vung Ro Mountain.
    Welcome Home Nick.

  • Frenchie Frenchie

    The Video on Central Highlands 71-72 at 1:27 Minutes, I do believe that is a picture of me giving the Peace Sign, back then I only weighed at 128 Pounds, Yea, I have changed a little, my weight now is 248 Lbs. and my hair is white, with a Bald Spot. If that isn’t me then this guy is my Twin, Such Luck to be in the House of The Rising Sun,, later Frenchie

  • Frenchie Frenchie

    Yea John, that’s for sure, I won’t blow away, haaaaaa, getting married and not chasing wild women is the only reason I can say for putting the weight on, oh well, that’s life, I gained a few, take care.

  • Frenchie Frenchie

    On this Video, Hang Loose with the Deuce, I see all those Bare Trees going up the mountain and it reminds me of all the dead trees and no foliage on the trees on the side of the road, due to the Defolliane, AGENT ORANGE, that killed all the foliage on the trees. Yes, I have Agent Orange, but am still kicking. I have no regrets but that Defoiliant irregardless saved a lot of lives in the aspect where if all that brush had brush on the possibility of getting attacked on the road, we would of had more ambushes than what we had, we had enough, plus some. Yea, that’s the way it goes, the one thing I never gave it a thought was all the Dust we Breathed in had Agent Orange in it, so even if you didn’t get sprayed on, you still had contact with it, when you sweat and your covered with that Dust, it was just as bad as being sprayed on, our Driver on the King Cobra Guntruck, whom was Bill Bartlett, mentioned to me about the dust some years ago and I said, damned you are right, I never thought about it. Back then we didn’t know what Agent Orange was, but we sure do now. Hope all that did get Agent Orange are all OK, take care fellow Trucker’s, if you don’t feel good, make sure you go to the VA and get Checked Out and be sure to tell them about this Agent Orange. Don’t let them say no you had to get sprayed on because that is Bull Crap, just breathing that Dust in was just as bad, hope you’re all in good health and definitely take care of yourselves, later Frenchie

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