Vietnam Fire Bases, LZ, and Air Bases

John Dodd has shared this incredible interactive map.   If you click on this link:,107.424316&msa=0&spn=12.457797,21.643066&mid=zQJPAeunyYc4.koiZlsflHgOg

it should take you to the site.  I maximized my screen (not shown here), which allowed the areas to spread out more for viewing.

VietnamOpenScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 6.56.45 PM



3 comments to Vietnam Fire Bases, LZ, and Air Bases

  • Gary Gary

    Wow…that’s a lot of bases. How was there any room left for the VC an NVA!

  • KeepingTheAceMemory_deb KeepingTheAceMemory_deb

    It is very interesting…
    When I think how we at home USE to find out where you all were back in those days…incredible. Modern technology continues to amaze. Once you’re on the main link, you can click in the square that says “All Bases.” You can click on any location and it will highlight it on the map. ┬áThen use the computer’s “plus” arrow (usually in the right lower corner) to zoom in – real close!

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Some of the links no longer work, but many do. Just click the bubble. Also notice that many hills are rock Quarries. Looks like the Rockpile is being quarried on the back side. Areas close to Addison to.

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