Upcoming Unit Reunions

John Dodd

88th Trans Co Reunion

88th Transportation Company (Ankhe Vietnam)

March 9 to 10. 2018 at LaPorte, IN   Contact Paul Otte (812)498-3790  or email ronda_weston@yahoo.com


John Dodd

566th Trans Company Reunion

566th TC Reunion.   Contact Wesley Hoss Taylor  (904)335-7402 or email  vietnam566th@yahoo.com


John Dodd

359th TC Newsletter and Reunion

Upcoming 359th TC  events. A headcount is badly needed, Make reservations right away.

                                                                                                                                                                                 2017 Dec 359th Transportation Company Association Newsletter Final  

2018 359th TC Reunion Registration Form   


John Dodd

3rd Port Reunion Of Army Mariners

3rd Port Army Mariners Reunion, Fort Eustis, Virginia, 5/19. Contact Becky Brashears, (757)566-8110  or   3rdportreunion@gmail.com.


John Dodd

Gathering XVI (2018) Flyer

2018 Gathering PF Flyer2018 Gathering XVI flyer


John Dodd

359th TC visit to the wall

11 May, 2016