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Pics Added…

Hello everyone…  I just wanted to let ya’ll know some new pics have been added to the “Photo Galleries” tab.  John added a couple new ones (which appear at the top), and I received over 200 pics from a young man, Scott Martin.  His Father-In-Law, Soren Cornforth, passed away not too long ago.  Scott was helping with the family’s grief, and reached out to the guntruck community for anyone who might have known Soren.  His photo album is about the seventh from the top (titled “Soren Cornforth”).  Soren spent some time with the 669th on Satan’s Li’l Angel.  Scott can be reached by email — his info is on the Member’s List tab (Scott Martin).

Also, I’m finding the Photo Gallery page to be a little on the ornery side (that’s stubborn too!-).  It seems to behave a lot better if you change the “…Galleries per page…” default at the top from 5 to 0.  It will take a little while to change — but it’s worked every time that way for me!



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  • John Dodd John Dodd

    Thanks for adding Deb. I notice at the Galleries clicking the Add photo Gallery at top of page doesn’t work, so you have to log in and find add Gallery/Images in the side panel to add a Gallery. I thought about eliminating this at top of page, then I was afraid I would wipe out the whole works

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