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Hows the weather in your area, just figured I would let ya all know Winter is a Coming, Crazy thing this year and this month the Temperature Raise to the Mid 60’s and the Water in the Lake has been 2 feet below it should be, all summer, never saw it that low ever here in Maine, a little drought I would say, hey, I didn’t have to cut the grass on my lawn every week, I only mowed the lawn 3 times this year, so everyone have fun, later Bruce


John Dodd

October 11th 1972

Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho drafted a 9 point cease fire agreement in Paris, which was signed October 30th. The agreement:

Covers exchange of POWs

Allows North Vietnamese troops to remain in the South.

Reaffirms the 1954 agreement that the 17trh parallel is a temporary Demarcation line and not a political or territorial boundary. Reunification is to be achieved through peaceful means.

Contains a US pledge to supply aid for the reconstruction of Indochina including North Vietnam.


John Dodd

Hanoi Hanna Has Died

John Dodd

Brutus Replica Oskosh, WI

This was part of a email from John (crowbar)  Porter. Story and video from WBAY TV station. Brutus Replica can be seen, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM, at the Military Veterans Museum, 4300 poberezny Rd, Oshkosh, WI  54903.

Replica military vehicle that saved lives on display in Oshkosh

Charles 666th

Oshkosh Wis.

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John Dodd

444 TC Commander

I received the below message from the former 444 TC Commander. Jack Cole and I along with everyone in our group got to meet and talk to him at  the recent Kokomo military reunion.
Great to meet you for the first time at the Howard County event last Friday.
Yes, I was aware of your gun truck site and I congratulate you on your stewardship.
Fifty years ago, almost to this day, I was completing about twenty five months as the CO of the 444th Trans Co (Lt Trk).  We deployed from Fort Riley on
3 October 1965, sailing from San Francisco on the U S N S Gordon the next day.  There is more to tell and I hope to get that done over time.  Fortunately, all three lieutenants are still with us.  The XO, David Ellis, originally from Iowa is now living in Bedford Indiana.  Lyn Coy lives in PA and Don Johnson lives in Downers Grove, IL.  Both Coy and Johnson were recent graduates of the TC Basic course at Ft. Eustis and joined the company shortly before deployment.  All three officers were great.  Evidence available confirms that Warrant Officer Robert G. Dawson and 1Sgt Rees are passed.  Dawson was killed in a traffic accident in Germany in 1976. He is buried in a cemetery south of Lafayette.  I plan to check out the site.   I think I have located 1Sg Don Rees’s grave site in Dunkirk, Indiana.  I have no obituary so far, but if I have the correct Rees, he passed in 1971.  He was a WWII and Korean War veteran.  I hope to find the story as time goes by.
Jack Horvath’s unit joined the 27th Trans Bn during the summer of 1966, so I know him.  I appreciate his work telling the story of the early days on QL 19 and more.  I need to have a conversation with him.
Please feel free to share this information.
Jim Turley
LTC, USA, Retired

My Father in-law

My father in-law was LEONARD S. CONFORTH served in 8th Trans Op I think from 1969-1970. Though out his life he lived in Aberdeen Idaho and went as SOREN. He passed away in 1999. Several years ago his widow gave us his photo albums from his Service in Vietnam. Something has been moving in me to reach out to see if anyone can tell me more about his service or if the pictures I have of other Service Men might be helpful to other families.  Soren was awarded a Line Haul Certificate for January-March 1970 was looking for some history on that. I know he drove an armored jeep and served close to the gun truck “Satans Lil Angel”.   Any information would be great wither you knew him or not.  I have some photo albums and willing to share just let me know.  Thanks for your service, Scott




Hi  Fella,s  Been   out  of  the  loop  a  long  time, hope  all are  doing  well.   Yes  , i  found  the  original  m54a2 [E 5  8261  ]    hood  i.d.                ,  used  for  Colonel , well  not  found  but  it  went  to  Royal Saudi Land  Forces ; when ?.where?   available  ?   anyone  here  have  contacts  there   could  ck  this  out    , , just  a  thought  ,   50  gunner



DoD M37

Logan Werth’s 523rd Trans Co fire pit

Logan's 523rd fire pit

Logan’s 523rd fire pit


John Dodd

Posting in Photo Gallery

Posting pics on GT site

You can post pics anytime. I think I have attached a msg from Deb on this. Just click Help at top of page, then postings pictures.  If I’m doing a couple of pics I go to the photo gallery and click create a gallery, on the nx page I choose a gallery or create a new one, Then Browse your computer in Pictures or documents and select the pic and and click upload.