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Last Men Out

Interesting youtube video. I think the book, Last Men out, tells a better story.

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523rd Photos Posted

Bud Hall 523rd Maint Sgt has posted some 523rd Pics 69/70. We have so many pics in the gallery it may take a few minutes to load all the albums.


“Red Baron” Crew Lighter on ebay.

I found a Zippo lighter listed on ebay from 70-71. It has the names on it as Mark NCOIC/Steve Gunner/Frenchip Gunner/Russell Driver. I would sure like to see one of crew get it, I keep hoping that one day mine will show up. The ebay listing is.

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Vietnam song and More 

The Vietnam song

Run through the jungle

This is my rifle


DoD M37

VN Vet Welcome Home, Port Orange, Florida

Stopped in the Port Orange VFW this week, a really nice facility.  Talking with commander, he invited me and the Daughter to this event but I’ll be back up north by then.  Sounds like they are going to have a pretty nice event.  Since Obama and our do nothing Congress has pretty much quashed military fly overs, the fly over is going to be done by Viet Nam vets from Florida using their own planes.  They’d like to have some military vehicles for their parade and vets to join the celebration.  Contact info is on the flyer.  This town is just south of Daytona Beach and it’s my guess that this will be a pretty nice show.  If anyone knows of vehicles or groups that might want to join in, please call the numbers on the flyer.  Thanks.  scan0001

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Ralph Fuller

Its been 2 years since Ralph aka ugly ranger/Lt left us. Sure miss him.

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Vietnam Veteran Recognition Day

From Edd2014VVRD_Flyer_8p5x11_v14-0216

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War and Peace Revival

War and peace


Along QL19 Between AnKhe and Plieku

Vietnam1-541stTrans 092

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Dusters At Dak To

Got a msg from John “Kat” Katich, who was with dusters in DakTo. He remembers 2 guntrucks staying overnight in April 1971. He is also wondering if any of you guntruckers remember staying overnite in DakTo April 71 and the names of the Guntrucks.They also have a awesome Duster web site listed below. Tell us about your Duster and Quad sitings.