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Every now and then profiles should be updated.  Take a look at your profile page and see if you need to update anything. The page has changed so you can check the box to tell us how you want your Info shared. Also added is a box for you to list your unit.  It would help to put your name and unit/years on it or something about yourself. we have lot of member names that doesn’t tell who you are. One thing to remember, we don’t share email addy’s with out your permission or if you check the box on your profile saying different. We have some folks who just have an interest in guntrucks or family members and friends. I think I know that info, but you can say anything in the unit block.  Just put your arrow or lil finger on your Howdy name and click edit my profile that gets you there. After you edit click UPDATE USER at bottom of profile page.   Thanks



John Dodd


For some reason the guntruck history tab at top of page will only show about 10 post. to see all guntruck history post scroll down the left side of main page and find Guntruck History and click to see all post.


VVA Online Veteran Article

From John Dodd:

“This is an article in the VVA Veteran, Nov/Dec, that mentions the 815th Engineers and an orphanage near Pleiku in 1969.”


John Dodd

Pearl Habor Day

pearl Harbor wreath

Pearl Harbor Wreath

Dec 7th 1941 The day our country enter into war with Japan. We need to say a lil prayer for those American heros who lost their life for us and for those who survived. Our WWII Vets are leaving us at a fast pace.


Proud American

Proud American in Christmas Parade

Tomorrow we will take Proud American about 90 miles southeast to Leesburg, Georgia and participate in their annual Christmas Parade.

We are supporting a request from a fellow CAMO Member who comes up a couple times a year to support us in our parades, especially the Veterans Parade.

I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow night.


Bob 359th

Trip to Vietnam

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving I am setting a trip to the central Highlands in June 2nd to the 19th we are short one person as we usually have 2 to a room to cut costs. So if anyone is interested please give me a call    805-757-2617

Thanks Bob Blackstone

DoD M37

Happy Thanksgiving to all !


John Dodd

Have A Good Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the Trans and Guntruck Families,thanksgiving_cartoon_bailout from vietnam-guntrucks . Please think of those soldiers are unable to come home and those who sacrificed their lives so we can set down and eat turkey. Watch your weight, you gonna gain 5 pounds.


Prayer Request

May God hold their hands and see them safely home.  Dan

John Dodd

King Cobra Shirts

king cobraJerry Barnes is looking to make some King Cobra T-Shirts or sweats. You can find his post on the 597th Transportation Company facebook page. You may be able to click the members tab here to get his contact info.