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Guntrucks of Ambush Alley

I came across this article in a magazine and thought it was very informative.  Thought others may also find it interesting.

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Guntrucks of Ambush Alley


John Dodd provided these documents of history…

541st and 88th TRANSPORTATION 1970a

523rd Trans Co 1969

444th Trans Co 1967






John Dodd

566th Line Haul Reunion

linehaul  566 flyerApril 28 to May 3, 2015, Pigeon Forge, Tn.  Contact Hoss Taylor

John Dodd

Loving you Loving me

Good song made and song by Sammy Seay’s cousins Kids

Proud American

Proud American Wins!!!

Proud American GunTruck was chosen as SteelSoldiers Military Vehicle of the Year – 2014 in voting that ended yesterday. A special thanks goes to John Dodd, Ron Smith, and Frenchie who both campaigned for votes.

Proud won the MV of the Month competition last March which qualified her to run for MV of the Year 2014.

SteelSoldiers has nearly 60,000 registered members and an unknown amount of personally owned military vehicles but I’m going to guess in the two thousand range(?)

Proud American did not win on appearance alone, it was her story and that of GunTruckers in general that pulled the votes and triggered the win.

I hope you are all Proud that one of “your” trucks was selected and is still out there representing you guys!1fAP14_AuSt_70


John Dodd

Gathering Newsletter

Thanks to Barbara, Deb, and many contributers the latest Gathering Newsletter is posted. Click Gathering Newsletter tab above. It contains information for Gathering XIII (13). Don’t forget to make them reservations very soon as the rooms will go fast. Click the Gathering Newsletter tab above to read the newsletter.
John Dodd

End of Year/January Roll Call

It’s time for a end of year roll call. Got to see who is still monitoring the site. Just hit  comment to reply.Roll Call

John Dodd

815th Engr Bn Reunion

815th Engr Bn and attached units bi-annual reunion will be held at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo for all who served in Vietnam (1965-72). May 13 to 15, 2015. The Hampton Inn St Robert will be the Headquarters. Rooms $83 per nite plus tax. Reservations must be made before April 28th 2015. Contact Info 512-633-3864 or   706-201-6001.

Proud American

Proud American Guntruck

Proud American Guntruck in in competition for Military Vehicle of the Year on the SteelSoldiers website.

Some of you may remember Proud American won the MV of the Month Competition last March and they have taken all twelve monthly winners and entered them in the MV of the year competition.

If any of you are members of SteelSoldiers I hope you will consider voting for “Papabear” and Proud American.



Not able to make roll call

Wanted to give everyone a heads up. A friend and fellow crew member of Blood Sweat and Tires, Kenneth Treadaway, passed away last  Saturday. He and I shared a few wild times together in Viet Nam and met up several years ago for the first time since 72. Every time a Brother leaves they take a little piece of us with them, I’ll miss him on this side.


50 gunner/driver Cold Sweat, Blood Sweat and Tires,Outlaw

John Dodd

58th Trans Co

It saddens me to notify you that Jeremiah J (Jay) Sullivan  passed December 24th after a year long battle with cancer. Jay was a driver in the 58 Transportation Company 65/66. RIP Jay and Welcome Home. I thank his brother, Jim, for letting me know. It saddns me thatour Vietnam Veterans are leaving us so fast. Jay’s family needs a lil prayer.