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John Dodd


Sometimes new members have a problem getting on. The initial password is #’s letters etc, upper lower case #’s and maybe symbols.  Some have a hard time getting it to work.

If members have a problem contact me and I’ll get you where you want to be.   Once you get signed in go to the profile page and change the password to something you can work with. While you are there tell us a little about  yourself. This will tell me that you are legit and don’t want to place ads on the site, so I can’t delete you. This site is open to all Active military/former military from all branches ofservice, all Veterans from all wars and branches of service, friends of friends, Family members, modelers,and those with a interest in our site. Everyone is welcome. If I missed anyone or you have questions email me.      

John Dodd


ALVTPosting this for marine48 Michael Dougherty. This is an armored trac. There was only 18 of them in Vietnam. Just click the pic to enlarge.


Shawn Whalen

Attn: 597th Trans. 1970-1971 PhuTai Valley

Looking for any and all who were at the  597th / 8th Group from May1970 – April1971    Thanks, HemiShawn

Bob 359th

Gathering XII 2014

Gathering 12 posterGathering 12 poster

The Gathering 12      Aug 5-9, 2014 Holiday Inn Columbus North 2800 Manchester Expressway Columbus, GA  31904 706-324-0231… Reservations are listed as The Gathering.  There is a block of 80 rooms and more can be added as needed to the block.  The rate is $69.00 plus tax and is good 3 days prior and 3 days after the dates listed.  Cutoff date for booking is July 9, 2014.  We will be provided a hospitality room.  At this time, it is reasonable to assume we will be on site for our dinner prior to the raffle.  The food prices look good but all of this will be decided down the road. The block of rooms is open as of now.

Riding an M113 yesterday: Went there to make a delivery, and then the fun started.

IMG_0702 IMG_0698


Guntruck Songs

     As I was listening to my tunes, I couldn’t help but share a few that may bring a smile or two…






Both these versions are great; I’m guessing the “Runnin Bare” version from 1970 was the one named on the Guntruck!

And who doesn’t remember this 1959 original, “Running Bear…”


 (A LOT of good music came from the ’60s.  Dusted off this one thinking there might have been a few guys back in another world that might have had this song on their mind…)

SATAN’S LITTLE ANGEL (better known to many as Satans Li’l Angel) 

(Smiling… And for your all time favorite listening pleasure…)






Hope you enjoy.

Respectfully, deb

John Dodd

Attention Members



Every now and then profiles should be updated.  Take a look at your profile page and see if you need to update anything. The page has changed so you can check the box to tell us how you want your Info shared. Also added is a box for you to list your unit.  It would help to put your name and unit/years on it or something about yourself. we have lot of member names that doesn’t tell who you are. One thing to remember, we don’t share email addy’s with out your permission or if you check the box on your profile saying different. We have some folks who just have an interest in guntrucks or family members and friends. I think I know that info, but you can say anything in the unit block.  Just put your arrow or lil finger on your Howdy name and click edit my profile that gets you there. After you edit click UPDATE USER at bottom of profile page.   Thanks



John Dodd

Guntruck History

If you click the Guntruck History tab at top og page it will only show 10 subjects, however go down left of page and find Catagories and below that click Guntruck History and you can view all 46 subjects.

DoD M37

Veterans History Project

I was interviewed at the Penn State TV Studio last month for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.   Anyone who has an opportunity should do a VHP  interview to preserve their part of history.  I shared some of your transportation group history along with my experiences in 71-72.  Also, the interviewer was quite interested in the DoD project so I shared info on that as well as the other replicas and the annual Gathering.

John Dodd


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