Gun Truck Snoopy will be at Gathering in California 2017

Gun Truck Snoopy will be at Gathering in California 2017

Gun Truck Snoopy will be at Gathering in California 2017

John Dodd

Army Echoes


Vietnam Fire Bases, LZ, and Air Bases

John Dodd has shared this incredible interactive map.   If you click on this link:,107.424316&msa=0&spn=12.457797,21.643066&mid=zQJPAeunyYc4.koiZlsflHgOg

it should take you to the site.  I maximized my screen (not shown here), which allowed the areas to spread out more for viewing.

VietnamOpenScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 6.56.45 PM



John Dodd

Two Million Miles Of Bad Road

John (Jack) Horvath, 64th TC, Wanted to share this.

John Dodd

Good News From Larry Lofts



As most of you know. For the last 10 months or so. I have been fighting throat cancer. As of today. The Doctor can see nothing and the Contrast scan is negative. They call it a five year plan. I will be scoped each 3 months. And scanned every 6 months. If I go five years negative. They will call me cured. So as of now all is Okay. Thank you all for all the thoughts and prayers. A Special thanks to my brother John M Dodd. And to my wonderful loving wife Kathie Wenzel Lofts. Without who I would have never made it. It is not over. But so far so good. Again Thank you all.

John Dodd

Checking Out.

Yesterday I lost my oldest son to a heart attack. I will be off the site for a few days.

John Michael and Julie

John Dodd

Memorial Day



Freedom Vehicles Military Outpost

Military living Historians, Reenactors, Militaria Collectors, and the like, Freedom Vehicles Association invites you to come and participate in the largest interactive and educational Military History display in the State of Utah and the surrounding region.

This event will be held on the first through fourth of July 2017 at SCERA Park in Orem, UT. Over 70 thousand spectators will view the equipment on display, and learn from you about the sacrifices made by our country throughout history to protect the freedoms we hold so dear.
Although this event currently is comprised of more than 50 vehicles and 6,000 military items we would love to have you bring your knowledge, passion, and authenticity. If you collect militaria from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or Desert Storm, and would like to help contribute to the displays, please contact us and let us know you are coming.
For more information Visit or Or Contact Wade Stout at:

We would like to get as many Gun Trucks, Gun Truck Veterans, and enthusiast out here as possible. The Proud American Gun Truck Tribute will be at this event and is going to be the centerpiece of the Vietnam War display of the event.

Thank you for all you do on here and hope we see you there.

Some photos from the 2016 event:

0086 IMG_6967 IMG_6947 IMG_6931 IMG_6930 IMG_6855 IMG_6720 9488 9462 9450


Remembering You ALL

The 2017 Line Haul Reunion (Pigeon Forge, TN)  concluded this past Sunday.  Despite the chilly temps — there were over 110 warm hearts sharing an incredible comraderie.  The organizers did an amazing job of teamwork.



Thinking of you ALL…

I just wanted to share a picture that needs no words — but it’s that “silent” reminder to me just how special you all are…  Keep in touch with one another… time goes by much too fast.FacesOfFreedomPoster