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Christmas 2016 – Remembering Then!

Hanscom Cop Team 2002

Hanscom AFB Cop Team 2002 Ganci Air Base 

Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and Enduring Freedom….what an education and ride!  I love this country.  Merry Christmas my brothers & sisters here and gone home alike.  Stay safe and alive…..until next year.


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  • coldsweat7172

    Happy new year Jay. This is van ryzin, I served with you on coldsweat. Are you planning on going to the next gathering? I live in socal and am thinking about attending.

  • Jay Jay

    Hey how the hell are you, I just got back on the freaking computer. I tried responding and got the message that your address was not available? Let me know if you get this….Another year bro….truck on!lol

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