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Two Million Miles Of Bad Road

John (Jack) Horvath, 64th TC, Wanted to share this.

John Dodd

50 Years of Wildthing

I expect lots of Vietnam songs came in 1966. I had forgot that Sam Kinson and Jim Bakers Jessica Hahn also did Wildthing. The Troggs nailed it.


Wild Thing 10th Anniversary and July 4th parade

Hello Everyone,

I thought you would enjoy seeing the July 4th parade AND celebration of the Wild Thing’s 10th Anniversary and reunion.  I’m sure John Dodd will add more, but I wanted to share this ASAP.  Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for all you do…

Make sure your speakers are cranked for the video!-)

Just click to view:

(Updated and ready for viewing!!)


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Respectfully, deb


Knob Creek, KY, Machine Gun Shoot

My brother (USMC Vietnam vet) and I have attended the Knob Creek, KY, Machine Gun Shoot for several years now.  It has always been an incredible time.  The first time I saw the “night shoot,” I was in shock; many more related.  It was something to see.  I thought you might enjoy this video, and the link to their site:      Respectfully, deb

Click link to view Knob Creek Night Shoot:  Knob Creek Night Shoot

Click link to go to Knob Creek Range: 

(Update: I replaced the automatic video with this link below to save space on the site…)

Click link to go to Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot 2013:

If you’re in the Knob Creek area – it’s happening the weekend of April 11.

John Dodd

WILDTHING 815 TH Engineer Co.

2004 Wildthing Ace Crew

2004 Wildthing reunion

Wild thing I think I love ya. In July the  Wildthing crew will celebrate their 10th reunion since Wildthing was built.


Eve of Destruction

This is the video that Ft. Eustis (Virginia), put together for the Eve of Destruction display at the Transportation Museum.  If you get a chance – give them a visit.  It’s very well done.  (Sorry the video is so small – that was the only way I could load it with a 10MB limit.  I think you’ll still enjoy it!) Just click on the title (make sure your sound is on!)…


This second part was the last half of the Eve’s video – it is sound only – a AFVN radio broadcast…


Here is the U.S. Army’s Transportation Museum’s web site address:


John Dodd

Last Men Out

Interesting youtube video. I think the book, Last Men out, tells a better story.

John Dodd

Hog Shooting

Red must be chasing Feral Hogs in Tx.

John Dodd

Operation Danville

This military operation took place in Danville, Va way back in the day. I live about 15 miles north.


Gathering 10; Video of Ft. Eustis Transportation Museum Visit

I’m not sure if folks had a chance to view the video Airman Tory Patterson and Airman Hetlage put together of the Gathering group; as we visited the Ft. Eustis Transportation Museum during the 10th Anniversary Gathering at Ft. Lee. VA.  From a personal standpoint, I was a surprise “target,” as I was departing.  When I declined an interview, explaining there were many more important folks they could interview, Amn Hetlage explained he “heard” I had something to do with the Ace, and he wanted my perspective.  After some encouragement (from several guntruckers 😉 I accepted (and was honored).  Again, with the utmost respect, I wanted to share a proud moment for all…

Gathering 10; Ft. Eustis Transportation Museum Visit; Airman Patterson Film Clip