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John Dodd

Prayer Request For Laurinda Rogers

Dan Medley and the Guntruck site areRonnie-Lourinda Rogers requesting prayers for Laurinda Rogers. She underwent heart surgey today to repair arteries and insert some stendts. She is the wife of Ronnie Rogers, 523rd TC. Ronnie is disabled and Gary Smith is working with the DAV to transport him, daily,  to the hospital to be with Laurinda. They both regularly attend the Gathering and Line Haul Reunion.

John Dodd


Some info that might be helpful.

John Dodd


This is something I have wanted to do. I will be posting news on various subjects, military /Veterans and other. I will try and keep it going. It will appear as a comment on the left side of the maim page. If anyone has anything just comment and post it. If anything I post is offensive to you please let me know and I will delete the comment.


Military Records Center Fire – 40 years have passed

Quite often I help veterans get copies of their records – mostly DD214s.  And many times the question comes up about the “fire” at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  There is a very informative web site which talks about the Records Center:

I’m also including a copy of a interesting article I read today.  This is from the Sep 2013  issue of the VFW magazine.  I hope you find it as interesting…    Respectfully,  deb




Army Motors cover 1966 An Khe M35A1 Troop Carrier