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Some info that might be helpful.

John Dodd


This is something I have wanted to do. I will be posting news on various subjects, military /Veterans and other. I will try and keep it going. It will appear as a comment on the left side of the maim page. If anyone has anything just comment and post it. If anything I post is offensive to you please let me know and I will delete the comment.


Military Records Center Fire – 40 years have passed

Quite often I help veterans get copies of their records – mostly DD214s.  And many times the question comes up about the “fire” at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  There is a very informative web site which talks about the Records Center:

I’m also including a copy of a interesting article I read today.  This is from the Sep 2013  issue of the VFW magazine.  I hope you find it as interesting…    Respectfully,  deb




Army Motors cover 1966 An Khe M35A1 Troop Carrier