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John Dodd

Posting in Photo Gallery

Posting pics on GT site

You can post pics anytime. I think I have attached a msg from Deb on this. Just click Help at top of page, then postings pictures.  If I’m doing a couple of pics I go to the photo gallery and click create a gallery, on the nx page I choose a gallery or create a new one, Then Browse your computer in Pictures or documents and select the pic and and click upload.

John Dodd

Photo Gallery’s


New photo gallery posted.

John Dodd

523rd Photos Posted

Bud Hall 523rd Maint Sgt has posted some 523rd Pics 69/70. We have so many pics in the gallery it may take a few minutes to load all the albums.

John Dodd


Go to the top of main page and click help, then click posting pictures. This is from Deb and it tells how to post pics.