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October 11th 1972

Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho drafted a 9 point cease fire agreement in Paris, which was signed October 30th. The agreement:

Covers exchange of POWs

Allows North Vietnamese troops to remain in the South.

Reaffirms the 1954 agreement that the 17trh parallel is a temporary Demarcation line and not a political or territorial boundary. Reunification is to be achieved through peaceful means.

Contains a US pledge to supply aid for the reconstruction of Indochina including North Vietnam.


John Dodd



1965:  President Johnson Authorizes the use of Napalm.

1966: Anti war protest in New York, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco.

1968: During TET NVA and Viet cong troops storm the lightly defended city of Hue, then begin systematic executions of over 3,000 “enemies of the people”.

President Johnson decides not to seek re-election.

1971: Opinion Polls indicate President Nixon’s by Americans dropped to 50 percent, while approval of his Vietnam strategy has slipped to just 34 percent.

1972: The U.S. stages a boycott of the Paris Peace Talks as Nixon accuses the N Vietnamese of refusing to negotiate seriously.

1973: March 29th – The last remaining American Troops withdraw from South Vietnam as President Nixon declares “the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come to an end”.





John Dodd

Pearl Habor Day

pearl Harbor wreath

Pearl Harbor Wreath

Dec 7th 1941 The day our country enter into war with Japan. We need to say a lil prayer for those American heros who lost their life for us and for those who survived. Our WWII Vets are leaving us at a fast pace.



This Day In History

Satans Li’l Angel was destroyed and a crew member died.


Richard Frazier Angel-Ambush Vandergrift-XD-999-484-Ambush-XD-980-517 Angel-Right-Front Vietnam-Crew-Memorial-2008

John Dodd


On this day in history, Jan 21, 1977, prez. jimmy Carter Pardoned the Vietnam draft dodgers.

Jan 21st 1861 President jefferson Davis resigned from the US senate to represent the southern seceded states.

John Dodd

This day In History

Dec 7, 1941: 71st anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, resulting in 2400 American deaths.

Dec 7, 1787: Delaware became the 1st state to ratify the US Constitution.

John Dodd

Today in history

Dec 6, 1889 Jefferson Davis, president Confederate States of America, died in New Orleans.