John Dodd

Gathering 2017 (XV) Morro Bay, CA

The California Gathering should give those in Western States, who can’t come to the Gatherings in the East,  the chance to attend a Gathering. There may not be any Gun Trucks there, but as always it will be a good one. Kathy and Sgt Willie is working to make this the Best one ever. If anyone know of Guntrucks or military vehicles in California or the West that might want to come let Kathy and Willie know.


Bob 359th

This is a museum that we are going to visit when we have the gathering in California. They are building a 2 1/2 ton Guntruck to have at the gathering and some other vehicles.

John Dodd

88th Trans Co Reunion

88th TC An khe Vietnam. For more info contact Rhonda Weston (219)363-5374  email    They will have their reunion at La Porte, Indiana  11 t0 12 March this year.

John Dodd

Kokomo Sept 2017

Kokomo Reunion at the healing field on route 26, September 14 to 17,  2017.  Wildthing  crew will arrive on the 13th to set up. Again we will be in front of the big flag by the stage.



Thunder Valley, Bristol, TN Honors Veterans

The Ace of Spades participated in Thunder Valley’s parade of military vehicles; honoring all veterans from all wars.  Not shown in this pic is a WWII jeep that was brought back from overseas after the war, and “hidden” in an Arizona desert until a few years ago, when it was discovered almost in pristine condition.  Also scheduled was the National Fireworks Association product display, with a two hour fireworks show.

Thunder Valley, Bristol, TN 2015