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John Dodd

Larry Dahl 359th TC Medal Of Honor Recipient

Larry Dahl’s  rededication ceremony in Oregon City, Oregon from John “Crowbar” Porter.




ugly ranger

Comment: First and foremost for me is Lt.Ralph ‘Uglyranger’ Fuller.  Never had the honor of serving with Ralph or anyone else in the Gun Truck community, for that matter.  However when I first stumbeled on the scene, Ralph was always first to answer a question or point me in the right direction to find out what I needed to know.  He put me in touch with Driver and several other Gun Truck Veterans over the years and always made me feel welcome.
The last couple years of his life were amoung the most memoriable of mine, because we shared e-mails almost daily.  I guess we appreciated eachothers scense of humor and love of God & Country.  As luck would have it I got meet Ralph on Veterans Day 2011.  We had to keep our distance, but you could see in his eyes he was just as happy to see us, as we were to see him.  That was both the answer to my prayers and a check off on my bucket list.
It was only a few short months after that the Lord called Ralph up to help with things on high.  His final e-mail was only a few short words to us, but it spoke volumes of the man, the Soldier, the husband, the father and most of all the friend Ralph was.  It also opened my eyes to what a big hole would be left in my world.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about ‘Uglranger’ or shed a tear for the man, but in my heart I know he’s in a better place.
He kept the Gun Truck site flowing thru some turbulent times and now it’s up the rest of us to carry his passion on here at the new site.  Thank you Ralph for providing so much more then you will ever know, but most of all for just being Ralph Fuller.