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John Dodd

Gathering XII

It has been a wonderful Gathering 12  week. Over 175 attended the Friday night supper and more that 200 attended the gathering. A big THANK YOU to all those who came. THANK YOU to all the Guntruck owners, Sammy Seay Larry Board and the camo Crew, Ron Smith, and Tom throne and Rob Blackstone representing the Untouchable owners. THANK YOU to Barbara Bower, Kathy Blackstone, the Kritzer girls, John Porter and all those volunteers who jumped in and helped. THANKS to all those who dropped off food to the hospitality room. And THANK YOU to those that I missed. The Holiday Inn was great with all the services provided. Please go the hotel website and Trip Advisor  and leave them a review.

I was really moved when Ugly (Ralph Fuller) was honored. Red said it all. I was  in tears when Karen Fuller spoke of  her husband and best  friend. She summed up Ralphs thoughts in his last days. He was a man of many names and he so loved his men.

 think this was the biggest crowd ever. We took in over $5000 fuel money. At 4 to 5miles a gallon this was a huge help to the owners to pay for fuel.

Next years gathering may be Chattanogga, Tn. Details to be posted later.

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Bob 359th


Untouchable Tee shirts for sale, will be shipping the first part of April, or you can pickup at any of  the reunion. I am taking orders now so I can see if I need to order more before the reunions   Med to XL    15.00 plus shipping        2XL     17.00 plus shipping