John Dodd

Kokomo Sept 2017

Kokomo Reunion at the healing field on route 26, September 13 to 16,  2017.  Wildthing  crew will arrive on the 12th to set up. Again we will be in front of the big flag by the stage unless things are changed. I am leaving old comments and pictures here.


Web Madison-Dar Sanders- Bob Eberly-Jim Baird-John Dodd-Jack Cole

John Dodd

50 Years of Wildthing

I expect lots of Vietnam songs came in 1966. I had forgot that Sam Kinson and Jim Bakers Jessica Hahn also did Wildthing. The Troggs nailed it.

John Dodd

KOKOMO The Place to Be

KOKOMO Wildthing campsite Time to bring the next event to the top. 17 to 20 Sept, 2015 Kokomo, Indiana with the Wildthing and Randys collection of Vehicles. This year Tom Throne will bring The Untouchable Guntruck. Lest not forget Sharons great cooking. See you there in front of the big flag.  

John Dodd

KOKOMO Sept. 2014 with 815th Engr.

Kokomo has come to a end. Lots of Trans and Engineer guys stopped by. Al Merritt and Ron Kendall came and spent some time with us. Sharon, Web and the ladies fixed some great food, so we are 5 pounds heavier. I have started a photo gallery for all to see. Thanks to the Wildthing crew for making another year a success. If you plan to come next year, google motels in Kokomo and Gas city. Reservation should be made in Jan to insure a room or go to  to see about a camping site.

Fredo Kokomo, 2014

Al Merritt (Fredo)