About This Site

About This Site?  If someone asked me to describe what my idea of a Vietnam Guntruck Web page is about, I would first have to say, even though it’s been a part of my life for over 43 years, it’s only been eight years since I learned “the story” of that huge, little known part of our history. 

I have a very personal attachment to a guntruck from Vietnam, but like many families out there, we only knew about the trucks and their role in convoys, not the details or history, and definitely not how they came about—out of the men’s own innovations and necessity.  How the crews were specialized and handpicked; the very personal emotions put into the building and maintenance of their trucks; how they literally became each other’s “brother” (and still are today).  But this isn’t about me or a personal history, it’s about the perseverance of these men; and how against all odds built personalized machines that even today are modeled.  

Those of us watching Vietnam unfold from our TVs back home, only saw convoys moving supplies; as we hung onto each and every word in letters coming to us “Fly It Free!” from a distant land.  And more often than not, those letters “cushioned” the actual horror and fears. 

What is this web page about?  I think we can all take from this web page, not only personal accounts from words, but shared images that only begin to tell a story of this incredible part of our history.  

These past eight years have only begun to open my eyes on this little known part of our history.  This web page shares an insight to history, from the stories, the obvious camaraderie (smiles along with sadness), and images.  I hope all who visit this site will take away a greater sense of that history and more importantly, pride.   It’s an opportunity for camaraderie to continue after all these years, and to establish new bonds.  I look forward to the future growth for everyone.

Our site is open to all Veterans, Active military Veterans,  all military branches Vets, Afgan/Iraq Vets,  Military Retirees, and all the above family members.   Even though most members are Vietnam Vets, ALL Veterans are welcome. It is important that you tell us a little about yourself  and how to handle your information on your profile page. We allow no profanity as we have members young children and Grandchildren joining the site.