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John Dodd

597th TC King Cobra

Jack Smith is searching for 597th members 1971. I can pass on his info if anyone knew him. Just email me.

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  • Jay Jay

    Crew member of the King in late 71 until my switch to Cold Sweat…

  • John Dodd John Dodd

    OK Jay Dan will probably contact you directly or send you a link to the T-Shirt.

  • Jay Jay

    Thank you much! Looking forward to hearing from him.

  • Frenchie Frenchie

    I served as the right rear 50 cal gunner on the King Cobra during 71-72, Bill Bartlett was our Driver, Bob Borchalt served also on the Guntruck, James Heflin was my NCOIC at the time, then I think Hiram Kirkland got on the King Cobra as NCOIC, he was kinda blonde haired guy, he was a great NCOIC, another guy was the left rear gunner, cannot remember his name at this time, James Heflin we used to call him Heavyman when he was NCOIC, I was known as Frenchie, our Driver we called him Bill, most of us used Nicknames, later Bruce, PS, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SEARCH

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