Thanksgiving In Another World…

I came across this in my collection of memories…  I thought it might look familiar to a few.  Thank you ALL for sacrificing so much…  Respectfully, deb


John Dodd

Have A Good Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  From vietnam-guntrucks . Please think of those soldiers who are unable to come home  as we sit down and eat turkey. Watch your weight, you gonna gain 5 pounds.

John Dodd


Chief, Army 1952 to 1992, Vietnam

Please think of those who have served and are currently serving our country and those who have passed.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. God Bless America.


Silas Dodd WWII, My Dad

Credit for the Army Ant on a tank goes to Artie Romero and Rebekah Failla Thanks […]

John Dodd

Gathering Newsletter

The latest Gathering 15 newsletter, Issue 3, 6 Nov, with details on Gathering 15  held at Morro Bay, Ca and info on Gathering 16, XVI.  Click Gathering Newsletter at top of page.  For some reason after you click Gathering 15 Newsletter, then on the next page click it again. Thanks goes out to Barbara and Deb […]

John Dodd


I had promised not to inject politics into the site years ago. I will not express my true feelings here.