Gun Truck Radio Show Interview

Hello everyone,  John Porter (“Crowbar,” 359th) sent this out.  I thought there might be a few that didn’t get a chance to listen, and might be able to listen to it here.  Respectfully, deb

From: John Porter Subject: GUN TRUCK RADIO SHOW Date: October 26, 2017 at 7:01:01 PM CDT   FOR THOSE NOT ON FACEBOOK ATTACHED IS […]

John Dodd

Gathering XVI (2018) Flyer

2018 Gathering XVI flyer



Thanks For the info on a fallen brother.

John, Thank you for the heads up on Tally, I’m so saddened by the info. I was just able to Get back in to the site and read the post. May he forever Rest.




Pics Added…

Hello everyone…  I just wanted to let ya’ll know some new pics have been added to the “Photo Galleries” tab.  John added a couple new ones (which appear at the top), and I received over 200 pics from a young man, Scott Martin.  His Father-In-Law, Soren Cornforth, passed away not too long ago.  Scott was […]