Vietnam Fire Bases, LZ, and Air Bases

John Dodd has shared this incredible interactive map.   If you click on this link:,107.424316&msa=0&spn=12.457797,21.643066&mid=zQJPAeunyYc4.koiZlsflHgOg

it should take you to the site.  I maximized my screen (not shown here), which allowed the areas to spread out more for viewing.





Guntruck Songs

I couldn’t find a song about King Cobra — but here’s a familiar one you might remember… “Hey Little Cobra.”  And I had to share this 1970 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band version of Mr. Bojangles!

Adding one for John, his Mustang, AND Chuck Berry!-)  ENJOY!

     As I was listening […]

John Dodd

Granny’s Gang Guntruck

Granny’s Gang

This came from Edd. Does anyone have any history on it? You Engineer guys might have some data.


Gathering I

What was the dates of the first Gathering at Fort Eustis in 2003?



Military Convoy Route 66

Military convoy on display Sept. 24 in Springfield, MO … Springfield, Missouri – More than 60 retired military vehicles dating as far back as WWI are touring Route 66 this fall and will make a stop in Springfield to allow …