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Bounty Hunter by Guntrucker

Getting these on for Guntrucker James Lyles. I think you can click the pic and next page click again to get the largest.


Bounty Hunter B co. 815th Engr. 1971

Charles 666th

Bounty Hunter

Hi John i took this photo at Campeagle i remember it had more then one 50 on the back not sure who the truck belong too i know there was more then one bounty hunter. We the 666th were just up the hill from this photo. Maybe someone remembers this guntruck.

Hello everyone…deb (KeepingTheAceMemory) here […]


Lamson 719

Lam Son 719 Gathered intelligence indicated that the North Vietnamese Army was building up their logistic bases across the Laotian border in preparation for an offensive. General Creighton Abrams, Commander of MACV, anticipated that the NVA were planning a large offensive to coincide with the US national elections scheduled in 1972. To do so the […]

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1965: President Johnson Authorizes the use of Napalm.

1966: Anti war protest in New York, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco.

1968: During TET NVA and Viet cong troops storm the lightly defended city of Hue, then begin systematic executions of over 3,000 “enemies of the people”.

President Johnson decides not to seek […]

DoD M37

Gun truck pictures on Facebook

I went through all of Ralph’s pics, selected one for each named truck and uploaded them alphabetically to a Facebook page. Also made an album of damaged trucks. Hope I didn’t infringe on anyone’s copyrights.

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Fall of Saigon

April 30th 1975 North Vietnamese tanks entered Saigon and the Palace grounds ending the war. Congress and the President had refused to support the South Vietnamese Military thereby ending the war. This signaled that the United States had lost the war. Between 1975 and 80 probably 75% of the former soldiers and US workers that […]


Jack Cole reporting as ordered! Sargent DODD!

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I don’t know if all are aware we have a links tab at the top of our main page. There is all kinds of info there. If anyone wants to post a link send it to me or post it and I can try and get it on here.

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54th TRANS BN 666th

Anyone remember Lt. Daniel Jordan, 54th Trans Bn 666th TC, 67/68. He spoke of his unit putting quad 50’s on 2 trucks. Anyone have pics of these trucks.