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John Dodd

Early Days of QL19

This was sent around by Jack Horvath, forwarded by Edd Pavlick and Wayne Chalker. Good article. Just click on QL 19.

Early QL 19 battle

John Dodd

Marine and Navy dead

2 days ago a Muslim attacked 2 Naval and Marine stations in Chattanooga, Tn. 4 Marines were killed and now a Navy sailor has died. I would hope Washington will allow guards at all recruiting and other stations. May these 5 hero’s Rest In Peace. I have been away from the site so this post […]

John Dodd

Larry Dugger 815th Engr

Sadly Larry Dugger passed away, yesterday, from Bladder cancer. He server with the 815th Engineers 70/71. He was a NCOIC on the Wildthing Guntruck before Web Madison. He was a close friend of Web Madison who served with him. Larry and his wife live in Balwin, Fl. Rest in Peace Larry.