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Lest We Forget Videos

Jack Coles videos from Veterans event in Benton Harbor/Saint Joseph, Michigan with Wildthing Guntruck. It may take a minute or so to load





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2 Months

2 months before the gathering. Time to make them reservations and get hold Kathy for events fees. Be safe.


Lest We Forget…

If you’re in the vicinity of SW Michigan – you might want to check this event out, June 19-21. I understand the Wild Thing and company are planning on making an appearance. Here is a link to the official web siteā€¦ ( … some pics (getting ready for the event) are located in […]


Time for a Cocktail


Gun Truck CD

Tank You John

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On June 6th the D-Day memorial will celebrate the 71st annv at the memorial in Bedford, Virginia. I was there when they broke ground and started building it and visit often. They rely on donations and are still adding to it each year. Very Impressive.