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John Dodd

April 30, 1975

Saigon fell to the commy’s April 30 1975. I was in Germany and remember finding a quite spot and crying. I think there is a show on PBS Thursday night , The Last Days in Vietnam.


John Dodd


AKA srjeeper/creampuff

Bill sent this to Deb after Gathering X. She and I think it’s appropriate to share with all.



John Dodd

Trip to Vietnam Bob Blackstone

Question from a member that just came back. Where are you going this trip?

Bob 359th

Gathering XIII

Danny Arnold,new to the gathering lives close by, said that anyone that wants to golf he can set it up so if you want to set something up, email me, and I will give you his email address.

John Dodd

Info 442 Trans

Dennis Elkins was in the 442nd Trans 70-71. He is looking to connect with members of that time. Some names he mentioned was Mabry, Shaffer, and Capt johnson. He doesn’t do computers, so contact me for info.

Buck Shot

805th “Lil Sure Shot” from Sep. 1970 – Until Dan DROSed March 1971.

805th “Lil Sure Shot” from Sep. 1970 – Until Dan DRUSed March 1971.

This is the original “Lil Sure Shot” with the original “Lil Sure Shot” paint job. The truck was fully armored with heavy steel sheet plating from the SeaBees. The glass was removed from the doors and replaced with steel sheets as […]

John Dodd

Stephen Peter Voorhies 523rd/512th 68/69

Guys, Stephen needs our prayers. I received a letter from his Daughter, Kalah and he isn’t well. He is in the Claremore Veterans Center in Claremore, Ok. It is a very good center and he is getting good care. I don’t feel like I should share his condition here, But if anyone needs the […]

Buck Shot

Gun Truck hit by RPG Dec. 1970 or Jan 1971?

Dan Frey is looking for the gun truck and solders that was hit by an RPG in Dec. 1970 or Jan. 1971 by Heu City in Tami Ramp. Rear gunner was killed other gunner was wounded. Gun Truck Lil Sure Shot came to aid the hit truck and place the killed and wounded solders on […]