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Bob 359th

Gathering 13

I got a new list today and there are 67 rooms booked out of 110 so they are going fast. Then they will be doing the overflow which is a mile away.

Proud American

Proud American at work

Proud American delivered the wreath for the Annual Medal of Honor Ceremony last Saturday here in Columbus, Georgia.

The weather was bad and there were several other events going on but we chose to support this one.

Here’s a couple of pics:


John Dodd

Leonard Howard 523rd TC

It is sad to report that Leonard Howard passed this morning. He was on the Ace Of Spades with Sammy Seay, Danny Cochran and Robbie Robertson. He and his wife, Betty live near Calhoun, Ga. RIP Leonard. Praying for Betty and the family. (added note: here is a link to the funeral arrangements:!/Obituary […]

John Dodd

805th Photo Album

Buck Shot has posted a photo Album for Dan Frey, 805th, Lil Sure Shot. Pic is posted, but I’m not sure if it is the color scheme when Dan was there. Everyone I have talked to that ran Ql 9 always talks about the Rockpile. It was a landmark noone forgets. There is a Khe […]