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Bob 359th

Trip to Vietnam

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving I am setting a trip to the central Highlands in June 2nd to the 19th we are short one person as we usually have 2 to a room to cut costs. So if anyone is interested please give me a call 805-757-2617

Thanks Bob Blackstone

DoD M37

Happy Thanksgiving to all !


Prayer Request

May God hold their hands and see them safely home. Dan

John Dodd

King Cobra Shirts

Jerry Barnes is looking to make some King Cobra T-Shirts or sweats. You can find his post on the 597th Transportation Company facebook page. You may be able to click the members tab here to get his contact info.


Customize and personalize a sweat shirt :

Larry had a good idea to Customize and personalize a sweat shirt and it will be nice and warm for this winter!

Here’s we did for him ! Send me a message let me know what you’d like ! send me a message at :





John Dodd

523rd TC 1970

Dar Sanders, 815th Engineers, found a 523rd member in Michigan. I think his name is Mike Benson, who doesn’t have internet.. He is wanting to contact 523rd/ Ace of Spades Guntruck crew members from 1970. Some names he knew was Larsen, Corsell, and someone known as Beatle. If anyone has info I can contact Sanders.

Steve Hall 141

The Colonel 80GP 92 BN 363T 141 Original designer and driver


As received

After naming

Rear protection

3rd repaint


John Dodd

50 GUNNER 363rd TC Road Runner

Photo submitted by Dana Stoddard, 50 Gunner, 363 TC. Just click on the picture to enlarge. Steve Hall was the original driver and designed the paint scheme. The letters were outlined in white and later filled in with red. I posted this earlier in the year and am bringing it to the top again.


Proud American

Veterans Parade Columbus, Georgia

Proud American helped recognize the Guntruckers and all Veterans at a Veterans Parade in Manchester, Georgia on 1 November and again on 8 November in Columbus, Georgia.

Here’s a few pics in no particular order: