DoD M37

Uncle Meat/Logan Werth. Had a long talk on the phone with Logan last night. Sounds like he’s doing well. Still taking care of his mom so isn’t able to get out much. Has only had Uncle Meat out once this summer. (Note the picture of the new crew he recruited!) If anyone happens to get near Flint, MI, I’m sure he’d appreciate a visit.

Uncle Meat Crew

DoD M37

Logan had some new spare .50 cal. barrels made for Uncle Meat. He says they’re top quality (and he should know) and they cost $400 plus S/H. If anyone is intrested in having some made, contact Logan.

Replica .50 Cal. spare barrels

.50 cal. spare barrels


Whats Happening & Hows the Weather

How ya doing John, just figured I would stop by an say Hello, Hope everything is ok and everyone is well, take care and get ready for winter, beginning to get Frost up here in Maine, take care, later Bruce

John Dodd


Our latest member Robert who is director of an Org, History Fanatics. He is devoted to keeping history alive. They have built a replica quad 50, The Widow Maker, from G battery 65th Arty. Their plans are to build more replicas, possiblity of a guntruck some day. Robert welcomes you to view his web site. […]

John Dodd

523d TC

I received a message from command Maint. that 523d Transportation Co will be fielding it’s guntrucks in the near future. You can find them on facebook, 523d Transportation Company.





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