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John Dodd

86th TRANS

Ricky Tubbs is looking for anyone who served in the 86th Trans, 70-73. He can be contacted at 859-707-6579.

John Dodd

815th GT

I think I picked this up from Facebook, maybe from Dan. I never heard of such company or the patch. Anyone have an opinion.

John Dodd

Robert M Lee 512th TC

We are still looking for anyone who knew Robert. He was in the 512th TC 54th Bn. Robert was KIA in an ambush on 2-23-69. If anyone has details of this ambush or knew Robert let us know.




dodd its pavlick


have u ever gone to the nam mueum in ruckersville,va ?


Vietnam war foundation


its private, reservations only

it was fantastic

dodd u got too go

if any one is in central Virgina u got too go


lots of stuff really neat




Proud American

Military Vehicle of the Month

Some of you are members of SteelSoldiers and may be aware of the “Military Vehicle of the Month” competition.

Proud American Guntruck was selected in March this year and now CAMO Member Troy’s Ranger Fast Attack Vehicle has been nominated for July.

The voting ends on 31 July and I hoping any SS members may […]


QUAD 50 Birth Control jacket on Ebay

Found this made in country Vietnam jacket on Ebay. It’s got a picture of a quad 50 on it.


Guntrucker (James)


Wild Thing

Just located the daughter via Vietnam Vets Only of Larry Dugger who built Wild Thing in Nam. Amanda Dugger-Nobles, is looking for anyone who served with her Dad, Larry Dugger. He was D Company, 815 Engineers, 1969-71 in Pleiku.

John Dodd

Wild Honey For Sale

I received this message from Ted Ballard who owns the Wild Honey 3/4 ton M37B1.

I live in the historic district of the city and since the truck (Wild Honey) will not fit out of site in my garage, the city is unhappy about it and the trailer parked in the driveway.

The truck is […]

John Dodd


Sometimes new members have a problem getting on. The initial password is #’s letters etc, upper lower case #’s and maybe symbols. Some have a hard time getting it to work.

If members have a problem contact me and I’ll get you where you want to be. Once you get signed in go to the […]

John Dodd


Posting this for marine48 Michael Dougherty. This is an armored trac. There was only 18 of them in Vietnam. Just click the pic to enlarge.