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Bob 359th

Robert Blackstone Untouchable Tee shirts for sale, will be shipping the first part of April, or you can pickup at any of the reunion. I am taking orders now so I can see if I need to order more before the reunions Med to XL 15.00 plus shipping 2XL 17.00 plus shipping



John Dodd

520th Trans Bn

Lazar K. Lazarov III, C/75 IFFV and 520th Trans Bn Phu Loi, Vietnam is looking for friends or anyone in theThese units. He caught that freedom bird and left Vietnam on 12 April, 72. Let me know and I can put you in contact with him. My email is under New Members.


Any Steel Soldier Forum Members on here?? Need your help :)

My M-52A2 in 359th markings is in the running for MV of the month. Im a bit behind……………………………!/page2


Sorry PB


Wishing Everyone A Happy Easter from the Frenchie

That time of the year again, hope everyone have a Great Easter and Eat Plenty of Ham and Turkey, later Bruce

John Dodd


Lets try another roll call. We got 173 members, so we should get a lot more than the 12 we got last spring. Just comment to this post to say you are here and your unit or anything else..

John Dodd


Frank Palmer, our latest member, Submitted this photo of Gunfighter. Frank built this truck in Chu Lai 70/71 while in the 23rd S&T.



Where did all the steel plate come from on the guntrucks ?



More than 50 percent of all tonnage delivered to troops in Vietnam is petroleum products. The mammoth operation of petroleum supply and distribution is planned, administered, and regulated by 1st Log’s Directorate of Petroleum, located at command headquarters in Long Binh. Through the U.S. Army Support Commands at Saigon, Qui Nhon, Da Nang, and Cam […]


Knob Creek, KY, Machine Gun Shoot

My brother (USMC Vietnam vet) and I have attended the Knob Creek, KY, Machine Gun Shoot for several years now. It has always been an incredible time. The first time I saw the “night shoot,” I was in shock; many more related. It was something to see. I thought you might enjoy this video, and […]


search member

John Dodd , hey is there a member , by name of steven hall , driver of Colonel till march 71 363rd trans, he was on multiply site ,.