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John Dodd

Vietnam song and More

The Vietnam song

Run through the jungle

This is my rifle


DoD M37

VN Vet Welcome Home, Port Orange, Florida

Stopped in the Port Orange VFW this week, a really nice facility. Talking with commander, he invited me and the Daughter to this event but I’ll be back up north by then. Sounds like they are going to have a pretty nice event. Since Obama and our do nothing Congress has pretty much quashed military […]

John Dodd

Ralph Fuller

Its been 2 years since Ralph aka ugly ranger/Lt left us. Sure miss him.

John Dodd

Vietnam Veteran Recognition Day

From Edd


Along QL19 Between AnKhe and Plieku

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John Dodd


Our Latest member Jean (jstcry1) 444 Trans. He and Bill Yandel built the Saint. Welcome Home. Click Pic to enlarge.

John Dodd

Hog Shooting

Red must be chasing Feral Hogs in Tx.


Rick May

I am looking for email for Rick May.

I had it but the ghost took it and wont give it back too me


John Dodd

Christy Lane in VN



Man how I miss all your guys. I am overwhelmed by all the e-mail. Red you will always be my big brother…I wrote to Red and explained a little bit about what has been going on with me. When I get my head cleared up of all the meds they put me on I will […]