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John Dodd

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all those monsters out there.


The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall

The Moving Wall was in Munford, TN this weekend.





Hows it going Everyone, Just figured I would drop by and Say Hello

Things have been pretty quite lately and up here in Maine the temps are getting down now in the 30’s, time to get ready for winter here, hope all is well and take care, Later Frenchie




There is a Ace of Spades patch for sale on ebay.



Going to Virgina in Feburary, any one know where i can get some shine ?



DoD M37

Military Vehicle Magazine – Eve of Destruction

In the December Issue of Military Vehicles Magazine on Page 80, there is a picture of an early version of Eve of Destruction taken near Phu Bai. Anyone know when it was taken or who was on board? The photo of the convoy forming up looks to be in front of the 8th Radio […]



call me



John Dodd

Operation Rogersville

I’ll be heading out in the early morning on a road trip to visit with Sammy Seay for a few days. I will not take my puter as there is no internet in them hills. Will be back whenever?????????????.

John Dodd

Hard Ride in a Hard War

Story in the Dec. issue of Vietnam Magazine by Arnold Blumberg about Guntrucks in Vietnam.

John Dodd

Lucky Kathleen Guntruck and crew

Guy came by today at kokomo. Said his brother, who is deceased, was on a guntruck Lucky Kathleen. Anyone knows the truck and crew let me know.