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I made it in John,,Finally. Thanks a lot Sammy


7 days and a wake up


Bob 359th

Houspitality Room

Kathy BlackstoneThe Gathering Ahhh, the morning brings good news for the hospitality room and set up! The hotel is hosting the Mustang Club on the Friday and Saturday we are there. Rather than 2 groups sharing the space, we have been offered a first floor, 1250 sq ft area that will serve us well as […]

John Dodd

2 359th Soldiers Killed In Afganistan

Sgt Eric Lawson and Spc Caryn Nouv was killed when attacked with IED. Bradley Smith was also wounded. He is in the hospital, but doing fine.

It saddens me when we lose our soldiers. RIP and Welcome Home.



John Dodd

Trucks at the Gathering XI 2013

Looking to get a truck headcount.

Randy Recht will bring the Wildthing, to arrive Tuesday and depart Friday morning.

Sammy Seay will be trucking the Ace Of Spades up, to arrive Monday afternoon.

The Camo Crew will be trucking The Proud American, to arrive early Wednesday morning.

Dan Rhame will be coming with The […]


9 days… and a wake up


Ok Guntruckers time to start filling out the short-timers calendar-let the count down begin…..10

John Dodd

Hanoi Jane

Just had to post this one.

John Dodd

MSG Frank Nieto Ret. 523 TC

Msg Retired Frank Nieto USA was in the 523rd, 2nd Pltoon, 67/68. He would like to make contact with 523rd members 67/68. He lives in El Paso, Tx. I can provide his Phone # and email addy for those who want to contact him.