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John Dodd

Fall of Saigon

Today is the day when the commies crashed the palace gates in Saigon and ended the war. The US had cut off supplies and support to Vietnam. The Army of the south claim they could have won if our support had continued. Who knows what would have happened.


John Dodd

4th Annual Homecoming Gray, Tn

This event will be held May 10 and 11, 2013. Sammy Seay plans to be there. Myself and Jack Cole will attend. All are welcome to join us. We will be at the Quality Inn,(old Jameson Inn), Johnson City in the evenings.

John Dodd

New Photo Album

Red had posted a photo album in memory of Bill Parks aka srjeeper…..creampuff.

John Dodd

Randy Recht

Randy has been in the hospital for test. here is his message to all. Looks like I got double vision on the post. Just click Randy Recht to read.

Randy Recht


Games People Play

Theme Song for my Guntruck written by “RED” Off the album ,,,Games People Play

Open music and play,,,open new tab and sing along this mixed together…. Ride a Mile in My Truck……..

If I could be you and if you could be me for just one hour If we could find a way […]

John Dodd

Pigeon Forge Welcome Home Parade

Bob 359th

Kathy Blackstone —– Forwarded Message —– From: Kathy Blackstone <> To: Kathy Blackstone <KBLACKSTONE5272@YAHOO.COM> Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 6:12 PM Subject: shirt business After much soul searching, I have decided to discontinue the shirt, mug, and other sublimation item business. There are various reasons but first and foremost is my desire to do other […]


Bill Parks aka Srjeeper/Creampuff

Bill Parks 4/16 /2013

I am sad to bring the news of Bills Passing.

They believe his heart may have given out while he was working outside at his home.

Bill was A great guy and a very active member of our hobby, He was my Great friend, and i will miss him.

Please Pray […]

John Dodd

Boston Marathon Explosions

Lets send prayers to those poeple in Boston after 2 explosions and 2 dead/50 injured. Police are still sorting things out.

Cream Puff

Vinny & Linda

Jusy got off the phone with Vinny. He’s stuck at the VA. trying to get perscriptions filled but gave me a call to update things with Linda.

She’s still at home and startin to feel better every day. Either Fri. or Sat. he had her to the Dr.’s and the Hospital….for check ups & the […]