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Guntrucks in Vietnam

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Patty, the last Andrews Sister passed today. Another sad day.

Cream Puff

I got this to share….

Friend sent this and I want to share it with you…Welcome Home !


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Gathering PICS

Finished with most gathering pics. May add a few along. Thanks to Barbara I got a few thousand to look at and post.

Its time for you folk’s to post some of them old ones from back in the day. Got to let my eyes rest.


Business As Usual

Hey guys, anyone know anything about anyone bitching about the “replica” Gun Truck Business as Usual (deuce). I know of this truck, built by the Kansas Museum of Military History to represent how Gun Trucks appeared in the early years…. First I heard of any complaints was today. Like to hear more if there are […]



If u love this country, u got to love moonshine.


PANDEMONIUM 88th and 359th TC Gun Truck

Here are the two photos I have of Pandemonium a couple of weeks after it was built in late September 1969. I answered in an earlier post under guntruck history my history of this Gun Truck and will repeat it here:——

Photos taken by myself in early October 1969

The naming of this truck […]



Driver 523, did u call ?


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Heard some jokes today, still laughting.

The muslim killer at Fort Hood has asked the judge to take the death sentence off the table.

John Kerry told congress he wants to be Secretary of State.

Hillary said she was sincere when she cried at the hearing.