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HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. the best way to do the roll call is to hit the comment button and leave your message..

Charles 666th

A Happy New Year To All

Jerry Barnes

I just joined, I was gunjeep444 on the other site, decided to use my name here.

Guess I’ll have to look around some and see what is here. Did our pictures get moved over from the Multiply site? Not quite sure how to see the pictures that are here. Jerry

DoD M37

Gathering 2013 info repost

Repost FYI


Below you will find the hotel we have negotiated group rates with.

Please use this page to add yourself to the rooming list at your hotel of choice where we have arranged our group rates.

Coordinator: Kathy Blackstone 805-835-8065

Hotel CROWNE PLAZA INDIANAPOLIS AIRPORT 2501 South High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241 […]



what area the dates for the gathering in INDiana

John Dodd

Danville, Va local Kid returns from Afganistan

Makes me wonder why the military don’t tell us how much those people hate us.

John Dodd

General Norman Schwarzkopf has died

He was the Commander during the first Gulf War….RIP, Welcome Home…

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rainy day

Raining like the devil in Danville. Wish we could have snow besides rain

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My 80 pictures posted by John deleted and now re-established on the top of the new picture site. The re-posting contains for than the 80 pictures previously posted. ok as long as my picture posting remains on the top there I will not try to add pictures. It looks like all of the pictures I […]

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Merry Christmas from me and grandpa

all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year