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Video Test

Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)_2

Did this for a test on this site for video. Wadda ya think? If not working try this link —

John Dodd

Pumpkin Shooting Wake up everybody

Shooting against my son. My hole is closer to the center



sure is quiet here wake up


Happy Holidays to Everyone, Frenchie

Hope every one has had a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving & many more to come, especially Christmas, Stay Safe My Good Friends, later Frenchie


I,m here

Like the site. A big hello to Rich, John and all from the animal


testing havent been able to get anything to work yet, untill now.

Cream Puff

Log In Question….

Why is it that everytime I leave the site it logs me out even though I check the ‘Remember Me’ box when I sign in..?????


eBay Fraud Case, Vietnam era 3/4-ton Truck

eBay Fraud Case No. SC-2012-18131

District Court of Oklahoma County,

State of Oklahoma

November 1, 2012

Judge James B. Croy, presiding

On November 1, 2012, Judge Croy ruled against Mrs. Donett Hendrix (, 1731 S. MacArthur Ave., Blanchard, OK, 73020, and Zack Hendrix (, Norman, OK, for defrauding the plaintiff, Mr. Ted Ballard, of $1,000.00, […]

Rich M

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Well found my way here Hope everyone has a safe and Happy ThanksGiving


happy thanksgiving

hope everyone thanksgiving is good and plentiful along with being blessed