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I had promised not to inject politics into the site years ago. I will not express my true feelings here.

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  • Mad815 Mad815

    John Dodd –You would not be injecting politics into this if you stated you opinion. You opinion is just like mine — Don’t mean nothing G.I.
    I followed the Bergdahl case on the news from day one when he walked away. The interviews with his fellow men in his unit lead one only to believe he left to the other side.
    The Rose Garden meeting that the POS that lived in the White House at that time basically deemed him as a good man who served his country well. If that’s the case I think we should be all awarded the Medal Of Honor . I think Bergdahl got paid $$$$$$$$$$$$ big time for the years he spent as a deserter or I mean POW. My understanding our good brothers died looking for this dahlcrap. I expected at least 20 years —what a shock- I would hope the judge would face the parents and loved ones who lost good men looking for this deserter. Times they are a changing——- Web

    • John Dodd John Dodd

      I agree. I got Face Book in my case for making inappropriate comments. Couldn’t help myself. I’ll send them a message assuring them that it was a post from me and not a Russian campaign Ad.

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