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John Dodd

Trip to Vietnam Bob Blackstone

Question from a member that just came back.  Where are you going this trip?

Bob 359th

Gathering XIII

Danny Arnold,new to the gathering lives close by, said that anyone that wants to golf he can set it up so if you want to set something up, email me, and I will give you his email address.

John Dodd

2015 Gathering XIII Chattanooga, Tn

Make them reservations to insure you get the room you want. We will keep you updated here as things happen. Just click the image to enlarge. I will also put as pdf to.      Gathering XIII  as pdf             GatheringInfoFromKathy as pdf              Registration Form To Print as pdf

Gathering2015Flyer as a pdf

Gathering XIII



John Dodd

Gathering 13 Registration Form

( Not sure why comments can’t be made on this message..Anyone with comments, just make them on the Gathering XIII message)

Deb has added Gathering registration form in PDF. Just click Registration Form to Print and print it. Kathy has to pay up front for the Luncheon/Southern Belle Boat trip and would like the payment by May first. I think you can print, complete the form and mail to Kathy. If anyone Can’t do this let me know and I can mail you the form.

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There are 3 pages total and I no longer have the program to convert the file to PDF. Plus the crap with Windows 8 makes it a docx file Look it over and see if I made any mistakes or left anything out.

The Gathering 2015 Registration

August 18-23, 2015

Best Western Plus

6710 Ringgold Rd

Chattanooga, TN


Attached is a registration form for this year’s Gathering. It has become apparent that as we grow in numbers, it is harder to plan without an actual headcount of those who are attending. Some veterans are local and can’t be counted on rooming lists. Others choose to stay with family or at other hotels and we have no way to count them.

This year, I am asking Barbara to send this out to all email contacts. I ask for your name and how many will be coming with you.   I need an accurate count for 2 reasons.  

First, we will need to know how much food to order for Friday night dinner. The price for dinner will be $15 per person. There will also be a deposit required prior to the start of The Gathering.    

Secondly, I have approached the sales person at the Southern Belle riverboat. I have been quoted a price I think is affordable that includes a deli style lunch, a sightseeing tour on the river, and bus transportation to and from the boat dock scheduled for Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 11:00am. The cost will be $30.00 per person.We board the buses at 11AM, have lunch, then board the boat at 1:30 pm, returning by 3:30 pm and take the buses back to the hotel. This one also needs a deposit to hold the date. I have to put 25% down to hold this reservation by May 1st. Then 2 weeks prior to the start of the Gathering I will have to have the rest of the cash to pay for this event.

So please fill out the form and mail it back if you will attend either of these events.   You can call me if you have any questions at 805-286-6441.   You can also call me with your name and how many will be at each event and then use PayPal to forward the money to me. My PayPal account is my email address:   Because PayPal takes fees out of many transactions, I recommend sending your funds as a “gift” so neither you or I have to pay those extra fees.


Added note from deb…  Click on this form title to open as a pdf…Registration Form To Print



Registration Form



Phone #:_____________________________________________


You will pick up your tickets at registration for either or both events.

Will you be attending the 2015 Gathering in Chattanooga this year?

YES         If not, disregard registration

How many people in your party?


Will you be attending the Southern Belle event on Thursday, August 20?

YES             How many?____

Event cost: $30.00 per person     Amount enclosed:____________________

Will you be attending the Friday, August 21 dinner prior to the raffle?

YES           How many?_____      

Event cost:   $15.00 per person (onsite at the hotel)   Amount enclosed:__________________

Make checks payable to:

Kathleen Blackstone

235 Rainbow Dr #13511

Livingston, TX 77399



Itinerary for The Gathering

Tuesday, August 18, 2015  

  • Registration 9-11AM and 2-5 PM

Wednesday, August 19

  •     10AM to appr. 4 PM
  •     Display of trucks at: Southeast Veterans Museum

                                        2949 Lafayette Rd, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 30742

  •     Ride through Chickamauga National Military Park with a tour guide in the back of the   trucks.  

Thursday, August 20

  •       Southern Belle (bus pick up at hotel, lunch and cruise on the river)

Friday, August 21

  •       Buffet style dinner 4-6PM:   Remembrance of those no longer with us, announcements,
  •       Raffle ticket sales.
  •       Raffle at 7PM

Saturday, August 22

  •       Display of Military Vehicles at the hotel
  •         Trip to wine tasting for anyone interested to:   Georgia Winery, 6469 Battlefield Pkwy, Ringgold, GA 30736

(If you’d like to print out all this info, here it is as a pdf:  GatheringInfoFromKathy )

John Dodd

Info 442 Trans

Dennis Elkins was in the 442nd Trans 70-71.  He is looking to connect with members of that time. Some names he mentioned was Mabry, Shaffer, and Capt johnson. He doesn’t do computers, so contact me for info.

Buck Shot

805th “Lil Sure Shot” from Sep. 1970 – Until Dan DROSed March 1971.

805th "Lil Sure Shot" from Sep. 1970 - Until Dan DRUSed March 1971.

805th “Lil Sure Shot” from Sep. 1970 – Until Dan DRUSed March 1971.

This is the original “Lil Sure Shot” with the original “Lil Sure Shot” paint job. The truck was fully armored with heavy steel sheet plating from the SeaBees. The glass was removed from the doors and replaced with steel sheets as well. Dan is wondering if the other picture of a guntruck with the same name “Lil Sure Shot” painted in large yellow letters, was his old guntruck with new armor and new paint.

John Dodd

71st Trans Bn

All units in the 71st Trans Bn. Sept. 30 to Oct. 4, 2015. Holiday Inn and Suites Alexandria, Va Contact: Allan Furtado 1-508-747-0796. Web site:   See web site for reunion details and units.

John Dodd

Stephen Peter Voorhies 523rd/512th 68/69

Guys, Stephen needs our prayers. I received a letter from his Daughter, Kalah and he isn’t well. He is in the Claremore Veterans Center in Claremore, Ok. It is a very good center and he is getting good care. I don’t feel like I should share his condition here, But if anyone needs the info just email me. He was in the 523rd and 5451 512th-CR-bayth and was a convoy commander and Opns Officer. I have talked to him for years, way back to the MSN and Multiply Site and made a Great friendship  of it. For the past several years I have moved his photo album up when he asked. I put the link of his article at top. He is very proud of this plus his photo album.

Buck Shot

Gun Truck hit by RPG Dec. 1970 or Jan 1971?

Dan Frey is looking for the gun truck and solders that was hit by an RPG in Dec. 1970 or Jan. 1971 by Heu City in Tami Ramp. Rear gunner was killed other gunner was wounded. Gun Truck Lil Sure Shot came to aid the hit truck and place the killed and wounded solders on a Medivac. He is trying to find out who the men were.

Also someone uploaded a number of pictures of Lil Sure Shot from this site but the caption on most that were uploaded are now wrong. I seem they copied the same caption from one and it got put on most of the others.

Bob 359th

Gathering 13

I got a new list today and there are 67 rooms booked out of 110 so they are going fast. Then they will be doing the overflow which is a mile away.