John Dodd

86th TRANS

Ricky Tubbs is looking for anyone who served in the 86th Trans, 70-73. He can be contacted  at 859-707-6579.

John Dodd

815th GT

I think I picked this up from Facebook, maybe from Dan. I never heard of such company or the patch. Anyone have anB co 815 GT opinion.

John Dodd

Robert M Lee 512th TC

We are still looking for anyone who knew Robert. He was in the 512th TC 54th Bn. Robert was KIA in an ambush on 2-23-69. If anyone has details of this ambush or knew Robert let us know. Bud Mittelmeyer, his brother, will be at the gathering seeking info. Best place for info is the hospitality room. Just ask the desk clerks or look for the many Veterans with those Trans/guntruck hats and T-shirts. I’ll see you there on the 5th.

Proud American

Military Vehicle of the Month

Some of you are members of SteelSoldiers and may be aware of the “Military Vehicle of the Month” competition.

Proud American Guntruck was selected in March this year and now CAMO Member Troy’s Ranger Fast Attack Vehicle has been nominated for July.

The voting ends on 31 July and I hoping any SS members may take a look at Troy’s Jeep (listed on the voting box as “favviking”) and consider voting for him. Troy has brought the jeep to a couple of Gatherings and it will be at the Gathering here next month.

John Dodd

Gathering Newsletter

Thanks to Barbara and Deb the latest newsletter is posted. Click Gathering Newsletter tab above. It contains the schedule for Gathering 12. Don’t forget to bring some extra donation money for the fuel fund. I plan to deliver mine to barbara when I arrive on Tuesday.

Wild Thing 10th Anniversary and July 4th parade

Hello Everyone,

I thought you would enjoy seeing the July 4th parade AND celebration of the Wild Thing’s 10th Anniversary and reunion.  I’m sure John Dodd will add more, but I wanted to share this ASAP.  Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for all you do…

Make sure your speakers are cranked for the video!-)

Just click to view:

(Updated and ready for viewing!!)


reunion 2014 our house 045 reunion 2014 our house 048 reunion 2014 our house 016reunion 2014 our house 052-1

Respectfully, deb


QUAD 50 Birth Control jacket on Ebay

Found this made in country Birth Control Quad 50 01Vietnam jacket on Ebay. It’s got a picture of a quad 50 on it.


Guntrucker (James)

John Dodd

Army Times

This  weeks Army Times: More bad news.Army Times




Wild Thing

Just located the daughter via Vietnam Vets Only of Larry Dugger who built Wild Thing in Nam. Amanda Dugger-Nobles, is looking for anyone who served with her Dad, Larry Dugger. He was D Company, 815 Engineers, 1969-71 in Pleiku.

John Dodd

Wild Honey For Sale

wild honeyWild Honey 1Wild Honey 2I received this message from Ted Ballard who owns the Wild Honey 3/4 ton M37B1.

I live in the historic district of the city and since the truck (Wild Honey) will not fit out of site in my garage, the city is unhappy about it and the trailer parked in the driveway.

The truck is a 1962 M37B1. I’ve added the appropriate 1/4 inch steel armor plate and bullet proof windshield. it also has a mounted RT-524 radio (non functioning), with no antenna, a recently rebuilt gas tank and amber headlights. Also includes the material to convert the truck back to stock M37. Two M60s are included, made from parts kits with dummy receivers. Each gun has a large capacity ammo box mounted inside the armor per the original. The truck and trailor are fully titled and licensed in Virginia. I tow the truck on the trailer with Ford Expedition.

Asking $10,000 for the truck and the 18 foot trailer to haul it.The trailer is 2 years old. Will also throw in the materials to convert the truck back to a stock M37.


If Ted wants to provide more info he can post or I can get you his email. Hopefully a trans or guntrucker will get this nice truck. It appeared in Fort Lee at our gathering a couple years ago. Truck, trailer, guns , and everything. Exact Wild Honey Replica.